Today, major organisations look to hire contractors because they know that professionals who have gained experience in a variety of working environments can adapt quickly to a new role. Contracting offers the opportunity to experience a variety of employment opportunities in different types of companies, while building one’s experience.

The benefits of contracting include pay and hours that suit you, and working with a variety of people and projects.

As a contractor, you’ll quickly learn the nature and style of the companies where you’d most like to work, and where you can best contribute, without being tied into any long-term commitment.

You’ll have the flexibility to choose your next position, with the support of the Michael Page team to make it happen.

Here are just some of the reasons why contacting may be the perfect choice for you.

Lifestyle flexibility

Given you have the opportunity to determine working hours; contracting, part time and interim work allows you to achieve the work/life balance that best suits your lifestyle.

A wider range of experience

Short-term roles allow you to work in a variety of organisations and sectors, and to take on new challenges, while you establish valuable skills sets and understanding of different working systems and processes. You will make valuable industry contacts and obtain experience that will serve you well throughout your career.

Get paid for the hours you actually work

Hourly pay means you’re properly rewarded for the amount of work you do. If you work late, you’ll be compensated for that time.

Short notice periods

Contract, temp and interim work is often a perfect solution if you’re in between jobs or looking for the position that best suits you: something not often evident when you begin your career. You can finish up your contract on short notice (often as short as one day) so you’re free to take up another offer if necessary. You won’t be locked in to an inflexible position, but who knows, you may well find the company or organisation where you’d be happy to work, long-term.

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