Job interview preparation is the key to ensuring your first impression with a future employer is positive. You can improve your chances of job interview success with these three tips:

1. Know the company well

When preparing for an interview, research the company you will be interviewing with. This is a vital step towards showing your commitment.
Have a thorough look at their website and use a search engine to find any news articles they have appeared in. What is their mission or vision? How did they begin and when? What are some of their major responsibilities?
Knowing the answer to these questions and being able to refer to them in an interview will impress any prospective employer.
If you want to go a step further, research key competitors and see where this company falls into the job market.

2. Target the job description

An employer advertising for a position will usually include a detailed job description in the advertisement. Make sure you memorise key responsibilities and requirements for the role, so that during the interview you are able to weave these in with your strengths and experience. This will go a long way toward proving your capacity for the role and why you are the right candidate.
Being able to refer to their job description without prompting will also show the interviewer that you take the job interview seriously and have fully considered the details of the role.

3. Practise makes perfect

Once you are familiar with the job description, you can often gauge the kinds of questions that will come up during an interview.
Rehearse answers, using a friend to stand in for the interviewer if you can, and know the main points you want to make and past experience you want to showcase.
During the interview you may be thrown some curve-ball questions to test how you perform on your feet, but many of the questions will also be industry based, so make sure to tie in the job description prerequisites with experience in previous roles where you have performed said tasks.
Being able to confidently answer questions while tying them back into the job you are applying for is key to impressing those responsible for deciding whether you are the right individual for the job.
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Interview preparation is the one thing that can make or break whether you get your desired role. Improve your chances by: • Researching the company you are interviewing with and knowing their basic history, company vision and the main roles they perform day to day • Memorising the job description provided and having examples of previous responsibilities you have performed that tie in with their requirements • Rehearsing how you are going to structure and answer common interview questions
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