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Skills Needed

As a whole, across Greater China employers want people who can look beyond their own immediate job responsibilities and view the business as a whole.

“Technical skills are a given,” says Rupert Forster, Managing Director in North China. “It’s the soft skills that make all the difference – communication and presentation skills, commercial acumen, lateral thinking and adaptability.” Attitude counts as well. Employers want professionals that take real ownership of business problems and who deliver against expectations.

According to Forster, companies can better attract people who have these valuable traits by communicating the need for them before making hiring decisions. For example, a senior finance executive who leaves a blue-chip company to join a start-up might have an impressive resume. But there may be problems if the executive is not willing to put in the extra hard work that start-ups require. It is up to the hiring manager to emphasise the requirements specific to the position and to know when to select a professional who is less impressive on paper but who has the drive needed to get the job done.

Looking at some of the desired skills, we see a variety of needs, depending on industry sector, for full details see the2015 Greater China Salary & Employment Outlook report.