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Salary Trends

To workers in most parts of Greater China, salaries are the most important element of remuneration. In fact, across the region, the most common reason for employee turnover according to surveyed employers is to improve salary, with 35% of survey respondents stating that it is the key reason for staff turnover.

Salary increases of 6% to 10% are expected to be awarded by 61% of survey respondents, with another 19% expecting to offer average increases of 1% to 5%.

Bonuses, while not part of salaries, are an additional key component of remuneration. Regionally, 85% of employers surveyed provide bonuses, with over half expecting bonuses to be in the range of 6% to 15%. Bonuses are skewed slightly higher in banking and financial services.

For full details see the 2015 Greater China Salary & Employment Outlook report.