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The World's Top Companies Have a Talent Pipeline. Do You?

How does a business attract ‘best in market’ talent during a busy period of intense growth, and manage its natural attrition?

How Do I Get The Best?

A common mistake that less successful companies make in attracting top-tier individuals is their knee-jerk reaction to filling vacancies as and when they happen.

By contrast, the world’s top organisations attract the highest-calibre staff by proactively connecting with them well in advance of their business needs through a talent pipeline. This concept means you have an ongoing commitment to establishing a fluid network of motivated, like-minded and “on brand” individuals who are engaged and ready to join their business.

Sometimes, this happens through the coordinated effort of well-resourced HR and internal recruitment teams, who commit a large portion of their time to lining up talent behind the wings.

In other instances, companies partner with a specialist recruitment agency to deliver the strategy of a talent pipeline.

How Does A Recruitment Agency Create A Talent Pipeline?

Partnering with a recruitment agency can be a highly efficient way to connect with talent before the need arises, although it’s important to do your research and find one that specialises in your industry.

Any recruiter you choose should have a successful track record in attracting top-tier talent, plus solid retention results in their ability to place talent that lasts with the company.

Once you’ve identified who you’d like to work with, have your recruitment consultant spend a day on your frontline so they can truly understand what makes your business unique and, just as importantly, more about the culture of your organisation.

If you’ve come this far, the next step is to take the time to meet recommended candidates and provide open and honest feedback on the people put forward. This helps your agency to sharpen the brief and provide an ongoing talent pipeline of best-in-market individuals who are truly appropriate to your business.

Finding the perfect candidate for a vacancy can cost time and money, which often leads to poor decisions where companies hire the best of a bad bunch, rather than the best in market. Make sure you work on your talent pipeline before a talent crisis happens, and you’ll save on all levels of staff management – productivity, hiring, retention and engagement.

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