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What Happens at Retail Assessment Centres?

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A Breakdown Of The Day

A day at an assessment centre can involve:

  • Group exercises
  • One-to-one interviews
  • In-tray exercises
  • Verbal and numerical testing
  • Presentations
  • Other, diverse tasks designed to give you the chance to showcase your unique skills

Usually held at the head office, a store or a training venue, an assessment day offers the opportunity to meet other applicants and members of the business you’re hoping to join.

How Do I Prepare?

To prepare for your experience at an assessment centre, make sure you research the company and the role you’re applying for.

Focus on staying positive throughout the day, without dwelling on any tasks you’ve already completed if you happen to think you didn’t perform well.

Many candidates have failed parts of the testing at assessment centre, an but still got the job because they showed just the positive psychology, people skills and proactive attitude that the employer was seeking.

Your ultimate goal is to find a job that’s an easy, seamless fit with your personality, skill and experience. So above all, don’t try to second-guess what the assessors are looking for – just relax and be yourself.

For assistance with your retail job search, please contact us today to speak to one of our specialist consultants.