PageGroup Asia Pacific is more than just a recruitment company — we are able to act as a true business partner in Asia Pacific, offering comprehensive and specifically designed talent sourcing and recruitment project management solutions to meet recruitment objectives at many levels and across multiple countries.

With 23 offices and over 1,200 employees in the Asia Pacific region, combined with networks and databases that have been established for over 30 years, we offer an unparalleled reach in terms of size and quality. Additionally, our cutting-edge sourcing strategies will be able to help you exceed your recruitment goals in a time and cost-effective manner.

Page Project Outsourcing (PPO), created to meet the growing demands of our clients, leverages the internal capabilities of our elite recruitment specialists in offering customised solutions for your organisation’s high-volume hiring and specific project recruitment needs.

Our service

We ensure that we understand your recruitment needs better than anyone else.

We recognise that businesses can go through considerable changes in a short timeframe for reasons such as involvement in startup launches, scaling a shared services hub or shifts in business environments. These may result in the need for larger scale recruitment programmes involving multiple roles at different levels.

Through our PPO services, PageGroup can help make a difference with these campaigns.

Leveraging our recruiting expertise and regional knowledge of our people, we can design and execute solutions.

You may have needs that stretch beyond the boundaries of the Asia Pacific region and if that is the case, we would be delighted to discuss how we can use our global network to help you achieve your goals.

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We can tailor make a solution to suit your hiring needs.

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