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How Do I Get a Secondment As A Graduate Accountant

Given the global reach of the “Big 4” and the majority of the top 20 accountancy firms, it has become increasingly common for newly qualified accountants to line up international secondments when they graduate.

Here are some of the positive angles and logistics of a move like this.

4 Benefits Of Secondments

  1. You have the opportunity to mix travel (as a personal milestone and adventure) with career progression (which will invariably add positive, professional value to your CV)
  2. You’ll use your qualifications in an international context, adding to your learning and development path and giving you the edge over candidates back home
  3. You may have the opportunity to fast track your level of seniority and responsibility in some of the world's largest companies through secondments
  4. You can take advantage of flexible contracts with near-guaranteed placement back in the Asia Pacific region or your home country specifically when you return

What Are The Most Popular Business Areas For Secondments?

Secondments are most likely to become available in the areas of:

  • External Audit
  • Corporate Recovery
  • Corporate Finance


4 Skills You’ll Need

  1. Excellent academic achievement and interpersonal skills are needed to meet global recruitment standards for secondments
  2. Large financial centres like Hong Kong may require previous audit experience in banking or financial services
  3. Smaller locations may place a stronger emphasis on the interpersonal skills required to thrive in a close-knit community environment
  4. Where English is not the primary business language, applicants should be fluent in the local dialect – as well as English – for the strongest chance of a secondment

What Might The Interviews Look Like?

  • You may be interviewed over the phone
  • You may meet a Partner of the firm who travels to your home country at fixed times in the year to interview specifically for secondments and new recruits
  • You may meet with recruitment officers in a local office near you for the interview process
  • You could be asked to fly to the destination office (although you don’t need a visa to attend interviews overseas)


And if you’re successful? The good news is that full relocation and sponsorship costs for secondments are typically paid for by your employer. Good luck!

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